Subversive Structures

Public Space in the post Capitalist City.

Definition & Context

It is often said that the first step to defining your own Manifesto, what you stand for, is to define that which you are against. While clearly a necessary prerequisite … Continue reading

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Scottish Environmentalism – The Contribution of Patrick Geddes

Originally posted on By Erceldoune:
In his address to the Spring Gathering of the Dunbar John Muir Association in April 1995, Professor Aubrey Manning highlighted the distinctive contributions to modern…

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St Paul’s Church

More good news regarding Perth’s derelict public buildings, with work progressing on St Paul’s Church. The council have taken ownership of the Church and it will now be renovated and returned … Continue reading

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Action Porty’s Community Buyout Bid

“Since March 20th the citizens of Portobello have been receiving ballot papers asking whether they support Action Porty’s community buyout bid for Bellfield Old Parish Church and Halls: a bid … Continue reading

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Cò leis a tha àite? The language of resistance: Gaelic’s role in community fight-back against corporate greed

Excellent article exploring the role of language in resisting Berger’s ‘Placeless Capitalism’, our connection to our history and place gives us both the tools and passion to resist the reductivist … Continue reading

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Who really owns the city?

How have we got here? Didn`t the city belong to its citizens who inhabit its streets, workplaces and homes every day for the whole year, not just for a few … Continue reading

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Local Government Reform – General

Very interesting discussion on Local Government configuration in Scotland. We desperately need to empower local communities and reinvigorate local democracy. On every count from Planning to Education, Taxation to Leisure … Continue reading

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